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Love 'N' Touch joins with community partners to offer trainings and continuing educational opportunities for rising Birth Attendants.  We are the answer to our community's maternal and infant disparities.  The Calling  to be with families during  very transformative times in their lives is both unique and sacred.  Every person must answer the calling in her own way. The objective of these trainings is to help each person respond to their calling responsibly.

Maternal Health Awareness Training Spring 2019 TBD

This five day workshop equips aspiring and active allied birth workers with knowledge and skills to address some of the common risks associated with pregnancy and postpartum in both mom and baby.  It details the fundamentals of clinical care, as it relates to vital signs, glucose readings and urinalysis to help aid in Maternal Wellness. 

This training includes a tool kit composed of a Blood Pressure Cuff, Urine Sticks, Thermometer and a Glucose Meter to  help identify normal signs of Hypertension, Gestational Diabetes, Pre-Eclampsia and other dis-eases that currently plague black women living in America.  Come upgrade your skills and be a part of Maternal and Infant Wellness!

For more information email info@loventouch.com.

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Misconceptions About Conception Radio Show

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Join me every 4th Friday as I co-host Misconceptions About Conceptions with INI Radio Hostess Sheriese Nicole on WRFG 89.3FM. We dive into controversial topics such as free-birthing, vaccinations and circumcisions, to help dispel the myths and bring evidence-based knowledge.