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Love ‘N’ Learning

Love 'N' Touch joins with community partners to offer affordable monthly continuing educational opportunities for allied Birth Workers. You will learn a variety of alternative skills to help facilitate wellness in yourself and the clients you serve. Our workshops explore mental, physical and emotional health dynamics using attainable therapeutic tools.

"I believe community wellness begins and ends with self care; for when we care for our selves we naturally care for others." - Sekesa Berry

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Online Training

The Maternal Health Consultant Training empowers the community to secure wellness by teaching basic skills that can help prevent maternal and infant injury and loss. This training is for all wombmen, to empower her with the fundamental knowledge of her normal body processes and help her to self-assess for her wellness. As such, the MHC training is for all parents to aid in the care of their families.

The Wellness Kit is complimentary to this training and available online.

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Orientation for Aspiring Birth Workers

This event is designed to educate aspiring Birth Workers about the various pathways and professions within Birth Work profession.

Next Orientation is planned for Sept. 12, 2019.


Live Radio Show

Join me every 4th Friday as I co-host Misconceptions About Conceptions with INI Radio Hostess Sheriese Nicole on WRFG 89.3FM. We dive into controversial topics such as unassisted birthing, infant vaccinations, abortions and circumcisions, to help dispel the myths and bring evidence-based knowledge to the airwaves.

Click Link Below to Listen Live on 89.3FM Atlanta, or WRFG App on Google Play. Call in @ 404-523-8989

Pregnancy Information Circle & Lunch

FREE Monthly community childbirth education classes filled with pertinent information, helpful tips and hands-on demonstrations to help expectant families make informed decisions throughout their pregnancy, birth & beyond.

Classes are monthly. Contact us for an event schedule:

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Stirrin’ It Up with Chef Beee & Friends

April 28, 2019: Featuring community birth activist, Sekesa Berry. We will be cooking live vegan food infused with high-grade essential oils while chatting about Birth Work as a Black Midwife. Click the link below to tune in.

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MHA Training

April 19-21, 2019: The MHA Training empowers the community to secure wellness by teaching basic skills that can help prevent maternal and infant injury and loss. This training is for all families of color, to empower communities with fundamental knowledge about normal body processes and help assess for wellness.

Training includes a Wellness Tool Kit containing a Blood Pressure Cuff, Urine Sticks, Thermometer and a Glucometer.


Black Maternal Health Matters

April 12, 2019: A panel discussion with community activist to bring about resolutions to the current Black Maternal Mortality Crisis in Georgia.

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Misconceptions about Conceptions Live at the EMAC

March 30, 2019: Join our panel discussion live this month at the Empress Menen Conference in Atlanta! Hot Topics and Mimosas with Black Community Birth Workers.

Book Signing & FREE Showcase

January 24, 2019: Love ‘N’ Touch has partnered with The Artisan Company to bring our community an artistic platform for Birth Workers titled, I’m Pregnant! And I Don’t Know Who The Momma Is!

Here we hold a safe space for Birth Workers to showcase their artistic talent, as it relates to the Black Birth Experience, through dance, poetry, storytelling, song, music, art, etc. in effort to healing ourselves and our Wombs.