BirthMama Sekesa

I am a Traditional Homebirth Attendant, trained in the ancient art of women’s care, where women are nurtured and birth is sacred.  I  am sworn to carry on the legacy of my fore-mothers through the art of women and family care. I believe that every birth experience is unique for each woman, and every baby deserves individual attention. The ancient art of women’s care, and my tribal lineage, has taught me the importance and necessity of holistic service.  With this knowledge and experience I work to help facilitate optimal birth outcomes for out-of-hospital birth settings.

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I stand on the shoulders of all the Grand Midwives and Birth Attendants that came before me. Much gratitude, honor and homage is given to these great women who have stood strong in their calling through struggle, strive, peace and prosperity. May they guide my hands and my heart at every birth that I am called to attend. Ase'

Giving birth to a baby is so much more than a physical phenomenon; it engages parents to be in a transformational experience. Labor and Birth are key life events full of emotion and meaning. I believe that every pregnant and laboring woman should have all of the care and support she needs during this vulnerable time in her life.

Sekesa Berry is a loving mother of four children and a community mother to many. She has serviced her community for many years as a Labor Assistant (Doula), a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and a Lactation Consultant. For over a decade Sekesa has achieved a level of recognizable service to her community working with local non-profit organizations such as Breastfeeding ROSE, Bellies to Babies Foundation, Families First Atlanta, and now SisterSong, in effort to empower families with evidence-based information and options to improve maternal health outcomes.