Birth Services

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"We must tactfully use her ‘Mother Wit’ to empower the parents and strive to maintain harmony within the laboring environment; by tuning into her instincts which will enable her to conduct the natural rhythm of labor and the flow of positive energy."

Traditional Birth Attendant

Imagine birthing your baby in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your loved-ones. During your labor you can walk around inside your home, eat from your kitchen and shower in your bathroom.  After the birth you have the convenience of sleeping in your own bed with your baby close by. As a Traditional Birth Attendant, I offer this model of care.  I combine indigenous teachings with modern day practices to provide comprehensive, holistic prenatal, birth and postpartum support within the comfort of your own home.

Traditional Birth Attendants were once the primary care takers for expectant families and provided a more intimate model of care.  Their indigenous practices predate modern medicine by several millennia. These women were taught extensive women and newborn care through apprenticeship models, whereas she was privy to receive great knowledge and wisdom from her predecessors.  During this time women and babies were cared for holistically, and serviced with respect and dignity.

Out-of-hospital birth requires parents to be fully engaged in their care to make the best decisions possible, and to help ensure a safe and healthy experience. Listed below are some of the services provided within this scope of practice. 

Services Include:

Holistic Prenatal Care

Nutrition Assessment & Counseling

Birthing Kit

Birthing Pool (optional)

Childbirth, Breastfeeding & Newborn Care Classes

Labor Assistant Service provided in event of hospital transport

Breastfeeding Support & Counseling

Life after Birth Postpartum Support & Counseling (see After Birth page)

Call to schedule a consultation. Providing services within a 2-hour radius of I-285. 

birthing assistant

Birth Assistants (a.k.a Monitrice) differ from doulas as they are educated to work within evidence-based standards of practice as it relates to labor management in effort to facilitate optimal outcomes.  A Birth Assistant's training includes Pregnancy Nutrition Guidelines, Leopold's Maneuver (palpation), Infant Positioning, Fetal Heart Monitoring, Cervical Dilation, CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. The skills that they develop are proven to improve birth outcomes.

A Birth Assistant does not replace your midwife or other practitioners. The services provided by a Birth Assistant are complementary to routine prenatal visits and hospital or out-of-hospital birth experiences.  Birth Assistants provide additional and individual support in an intimate setting.

 Birth Assistant Services Include

Customized birth plan

Prenatal Assessments

Nutrition Counseling

Relaxation Session

Laboring & Birth support

24 hour Telephone Support (within two weeks either side of your birth date)

Two Weeks Postpartum Breastfeeding Support

Call to schedule a consultation. Serving families in the Metro-Atlanta area.

***Payment plans available for all services.***